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Benefits of the Gebert® 4

  1. Screening and Scalping System

    Gebert 4 Grain Cleaner field bin
    Four big rotor chambers
    The GEBERT® 4 can be operated as a pure screening machine and produce high capacity removal of under sized grain and impurities.

    It can also be configured as a screening and scalping machine. This will allow the removal of small and undersized grains and impurities in the same one pass operation to also allow the removal of oversized materials. The producer does not have to run all grains through the machine to achieve this level of grain cleanliness.

    Screens can be configured to suit the grain types grown.

  2. Maximise Your Barley Crop

    Gebert 4 Grain Cleaner field bin
    High screening throughput levels
    Maximise your barley crop this season and invest in a grain cleaner which can pay for itself in the first season.

    Grain producers have to deliver a “malt” grade barley to their grain receival depot (such as CBH) to achieve premium prices. Harvest Clean can deliver this goal through the Gebert ®4. The Gebert ®4 offers very high screening throughput levels and ultimately transforms feed grade quality to malt grade.

    The reward is a premium payment to the grain producer at an estimated $45 - $100 per tonne in a year, and a new machine in the long term*.

  3. Hydraulic drive system

    This system allows all the drives on the GEBERT® 4 to be each powered by a hydraulic motor, all motors are powered via a hydraulic pump from one engine. The hydraulic motor that runs the four screening rotors has a variable drive to allow the variation of turns per minute for the rotor system.

    The hydraulic system allows very low maintenance and high levels of safety to be achieved.

  4. Air system

    The air system on the GEBERT® 4 is a suction method of drawing light weighted materials from the sample leaving the field bin. The air system is configured before the rotor system to maximize the efficiency of the rotors screen removal.



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